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Greeting & Philosophy

President's Greeting

Nunotani Compass Factory was born in Nishi-ku, Osaka in 1892, when Founder Itaro Nunotani completed the first magnetic compass in Japan. Nunotani then started the manufacturing and marketing of magnetic compasses, and has advanced in line with the development of the shipbuilding industry.

The staff of the company joined forces to go through the time of uncertainties, and re-started its operations following war in 1946. Since then, Nunotani has envisioned the future of the nautical industry, and has developed related technologies and products, in addition to magnetic compasses. Our present portfolio of development, manufacturing and marketing includes engine telegraphs, logger units, various remote control units, rotating meters, Rudder Angle Indicator, wipers, Clear View Screen, wind direction & velocity meters, and so on.

We at Nunotani will continue to take every effort to contribute to the future of the nautical manufacturing industry. Thank you.

Naoya Nunotani

Corporate Philosophy

Basic Philosophy
Nunotani ...
1. Caters to the needs of,
2. Develops useful technologies for,
3. Creates new values for, and 
4. Never ceases efforts to win the trust of,

"For Japan's nautical manufacturing industry" - Nunotani retains this concept that has never faded since its foundation, while continuously envisioning the future. In the upcoming eras of further technology advancement, computerization and globalization, Nunotani will continue to take every effort to look at, and contribute to, society under its basic philosophy.

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