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Affiliate Companies

Affiliate Companies

Amagasaki Factory

Trade Name
Nunotani Keiki Seisakusho Co.,Ltd.
96 million yen
2-1-39 Tsugiya, Amagasaki, Hyogo 661-0965 Japan map
Tel: +81-6-6495-1162 / Fax: +81-6-6494-3147
Major Products
Electric telegraphs
Telegraph loggers
Electric rotating meters and integrators
True Wind Indicator
Fuel pump marked indicators
Slewing propeller remote control system
Multi data systems, interfaces and units
Electric or pneumonic remote control units for main engines
Electronic remote control units for main engines
Engine monitoring systems
Engine load rate LCD indication systems
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Osaka Factory

Trade Name
Osaka Nunotani Seiki Co., Ltd.
80 million yen
1-14-22, Kobayashi-nishi, Taisho-ku, Osaka, 551-0013 Japan map
Tel: +81-6-6555-1031 / Fax: +81-6-6555-1061
Major Products
Various magnetic compasses
Relative Wind Indicator
Electric rudder indicators
Clear View Screen
Nautical wipers (swing type and traverse type)
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Kasumi Factory

Trade Name
Osaka Nunotani Seiki Co., Ltd.
283-1 Munagai, Kasumi-ku, Kami-cho, Mikata-gun, Hyogo
669-6401 Japan map
Tel: +81-796-38-0522 / Fax: +81-796-38-0946
Major Products
Magnetic compasses in general (integrated production system factory for various magnetic compasses)
Note: Overview of the factory's special equipment
  • Testing and inspection equipment that is capable of setting the horizontal component and vertical component of geomagnetism in every geographical area on the earth, through equipping the whole building of 10 meter x 10 meter nonmagnetic laboratory with horizontal and vertical degaussing circles; the laboratory is also constructed using nonmagnetic materials.
  • Precision measurement unit for direction error of magnetic compass bowls, set inside the Helmholtz coil (artificial magnetic field generator).
  • Measurement and testing unit for sextant error
  • Measurement and effectiveness testing unit for heeling error
  • Automatic measurement unit for cycle
  • Measurement unit for compass bowl inclination performance
  • Measurement unit for magnetic force
  • Testing unit for nonmagnetism
  • Agitation tester (max. loading weight: 80 kg)
  • Environmental testing unit
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