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Remote Control System

Slewing propeller remote control system

Slewing propeller remote control systemRemote control of the slewing gear, main engine etc. is possible with simple handle operations at the control stand in the wheelhouse. This unit is commonly used on tag boats, work boats and so on.
The thruster control unit enables easy touchdown and slewing through the remote control of the propeller pitch.

Main engine / CPP remote control system

Main engine/CPP remote control systemEnables remote control of the main engine/CPP in the wheelhouse etc.
This equipment uses the control computation unit or the micro-computer unit (N2010). It is capable of controlling the main engine for small- to large-sized boats, and the CPP of varying properties regardless of its size.

Monitoring unit

Monitoring unitThis unit indicates signals from the main machine, sub-machines, sensors installed in varying locations, and other devices, in the display panel for measurement and monitoring. In the case of abnormality, an abnormality message is indicated and alarm is issued.
The attached printer is capable of automatic printing of daily reports and other records, and of printing alarm history and cumulative records. The unit may be connected to PCs in remote locations through the shipboard LAN.

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